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Flickr & Delicious

May 3, 2008

Here are my views on Flickr & Delicious:

Flickr has some fairly unique features that I previously really had not explored. I didn’t realize just how easy it was to post pictures there and how equally easy it was to share them. Tagging is somethign I am slowly embracing and finding like tagged material was always interesting, but also strange, like the austrian who tagged his driver licence photo with general protection fault… strange. Hoever, my pictures are not yet searchable on Flickr, but I did receive a functioning link which I submitted, but that aside it was incredibly easy to use and navigate. The sheer amnount of content that is available and teh level of quality, well, that is just somethign to behold. When looking at pictures of Iris tags, some of those photos looked right out of a magazine. I think I may start using Flickr because it can be integrated easily into a blog, so I coudl have random tech pictures running along the side, sorta dressing up the site. Picture wise there wasn’t anythign that I could really use, but there were so many images related just to a simple iris tag, it might become my second stop for real-life images after Google’s image search.

Delicious is another story: yes its helpful having links available at a glance, and yes its a great way to remember hard to find locations, but I really just cannot see myself using it. It is just not something that I like having to contort myself into using. I would rather use the Firefox extension that lets me organize my bookmarks how I want in my browser via a login page than use delicious. Just like Stumble, its an unnecessary step for me and something that I will only use when it is required of me to use. Delicious is rather cumbersome to use if you decide NOT to install the browser plug-in (which I did on one system and did not on another), requiring a bit of puzzling before you discover which link actually adds a link. You’d think ADD A LINK/BOOKMARK would be prominent, but no. I also was not fond of the tag interface or the way everything is sorted or even the layout of the links… I would like lots of links close together, ala a browser, but I have to scroll and scroll to find links near the bottom of a long list. I understand the idea of tags, which is one of the things I did like about delicious, but sometimes I just want to see a familiar list, and delicious doesn’t give that to me in the way I want it. I was able to discover some fairly unique sites and locales thanks to Delicious, 30 free software offerings for example along with my other links) so I may use it as a searching tool, but not as one that I myself will subscribe and use.

On a side note, for the last 6 hours my account seems to have been corrupted because each time I attempt to add a new link, I receive a corrupted error… I know its like everything online, but its also just one more reason for me not to like/rely on Delicious.

So below are my ten new sites I found through Delicious, JUST USING THE SEARCH FEATURE:

  2. (also your monkey link)

Of course, since the site kept timing out for me, I couldn’t locate individual links from, well, individuals.
Oh well.