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3 Blog Reviews CIOS 246

May 1, 2008

Here are three reviews for my three chosen blogs:
This is a very funny and incredibly snarky blog that makes fun of not only itself, but also gamers, gaming society and all points in between. They also do various game reviews which are often very honest and reflect what the average gamer would think about a title, but never had the time or patience to put it into such succinct words. The only area I feel in which they falter is in regards to how ‘insider’ their posts often are. You need to be aware of virtually every recent occurrence within the gaming world in order to understand much of what is posted, and to comprehend the numerous comments as well. If they added just enough back story, say a sentence, regarding a given subject that would make the reading and enjoyment that much better. Granted, they do often offer links back to similar or related topics, but as a consumer, I want to consume what is in front of me, not something that I have to research before I can consume. One of my favorite posts is about the current state of ‘fanboyism’.
This is what has been called ‘gadget porn’. They feature pictures and announcements regarding new technologies and various devices. They are almost always slick, cool, and drool inducing… and incredibly expensive or available only in Japan. The problem here is that their site is littered with ads, and unfortunately, sometimes the ads resemble the articles. The only way to fix this is to cut down on the ads, but that would mean no more Engadget, so I will soldier on through the Netflix and Zune explosions. My favorite recent post is regarding AT & T offering free Wi-Fi to iPhone users.
A true gaming outlet with a Japanese feel that positions itself as ‘the gamers blog’, they scour the web and post blog entries that are often overlooked, over tidbits of gaming news, reviews, videos or just offer incredibly odd features. One was all about the ‘artists’ who drew the PS3 and Xbox 360 as female Japanese animation characters… it was weirdly disturbing. I don’t really have anything negative to say about them, except sometimes their geekery is so great that I would rather not visit the site to see the most recent anime-inspired 1/16th scale statue made by a member of their forums. They do have in-depth information about games and sometimes they even take an average joe look at hardware, which is one of my favorite articles they have done.