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March 28, 2008

For our one (and only) reader that is a bit confused as to the complete and total lack of updates, well, we moved. Head over to our new home for all things tech with podcasts featuring yours truly and Ivan.

44.6 Billion & Yahicrosoft

February 6, 2008

Money! - Grove Pashley-CorbisFor this post I am simply going to cut directly to the heart of the matter: Microsoft is interested in purchasing Yahoo for 44.6 Billion. According to the CNET article, there is an offer of either stock (Microsoft’s I am assuming) or cash to shareholders. With that much money being offered, I am sure in some way it would make you think that Yahoo is worth something. However, according to it’s own tumultuous financial history, Yahoo has been moving away from the world of profitability and into the realm of reduced profit, something that I am certain scares many a Yahoo shareholder. Even a little less than a year ago Yahoo was having this profitability problem, so the we-aren’t-really-making-as-much-money-anymore approach to business they have been using is nothing new. Yahoo has been losing market share to Google left and right, along with advertiser dollars and consumer eyeballs. Equally important, “Yahoo It” never really caught on quite as well as the Google verbiage.

Speaking of Google, I’m certain that being in the lead is nice, but seeing the second-place team suddenly purchased by one of the largest, richest and most powerful tech companies in the world… well, that would make anyone wary. I, just like Google’s Coach Drummond, would call for drug tests too.

Speaking of mergers, or as my friend Joel says, ‘wergers’ (when you combine normal words to make an even cooler one that contains enhanced meanings of the originals), what would you call a Microsoft and Yahoo business name mash-up?
My choice?


Radiohead Revisited

November 7, 2007

RadioheadSince Radiohead’s “In Rainbows” release on October 10th, many fans have downloaded the album with its unique pricing scheme… the one which allows you to determine its value. Some paid full price, but they were few and far removed. The majority seemed to believe that the album itself should be free, and valued it as such. I had a chance to go through the entire process of downloading the new Radiohead album and you can hear the entire experience from this very page!

UPDATE: Apparently, we have a comedian at WordPress because the only way the above audio player works is to speed everything up to chipmunk levels or it continues to buffer forever. Until I work all of this out, the file can be downloaded from this link:

UPDATED UPDATE: Now it’s working. Sometimes I really dislike computers.

Ready for more audio? I’m not sure if I am yet. Let me know.


Comments Better than Content

September 28, 2007

There are a few individuals who will go out of their way to explain that video games are bad for everyone. Various news reports concerning how ‘Game X’ caused me to do ‘Action Z’ to a group of people/animals/celebrities. Then stories along these lines come along which, ultimately, make light of the whole thing, but in an unfunny way. Thankfully, comments exist which make it funny all over again. This is my favorite comment from a Destructoid article that debunks the above ‘story’:

“This is just like the time I was playing Cooking Mama and afterwards made some delicious croquettes. Clearly video games must be stopped.

Of course, this opens a whole new can of worms; that a hoax story like this can be reported as news simply because it is posted online. Especially when these folks, and these all pick it up and run with it. My big question is where is the disclaimer for where this came from (in the About section on the Detales site it says some articles are fake), and why didn’t anybody check sources? Comments?


UK Press

September 24, 2007

Union JackWhen I visited Europe and the UK for a month a few years back I fell in love with their magazines. They were all (relatively) inexpensive, often had free DVD movies, were larger than U.S. magazines but with smaller print and therefore longer articles

They most recently had a great four-page spread discussing the rise of blogs and their subsequent affect on not only the gaming press, but journalism as a whole. I spent the better part of three hours trying to find this somewhere, ANYWHERE, online, but all to no avail.

A question I have is what are the legal ramifications of placing an article online in a blog from a magazine that does not seem to have it available anywhere online, that is in fact an article on blogging? Any thoughts?