Introductory Post for CIOS 246

April 27, 2008

Hmm, as I write this I realize I may be doing a whole LOT of posts in a very short period of time, ala’ a week, to get all caught up and complete this class I am taking at UAF, CIOS 246. Perhaps I can request a slight extension from the instructor?

If you are wondering where all of the computer info has gone, its all over at gpfault.org, so go there and get all caught up with the computer talk that you can use. This blog has become a sort of class blog, or assignment blog, or bloggedy-blog so I don’t have to keep making all of these blogs all over the Internet for each individual class that requires it, and amazingly enough, that number grows each semester.

I guess in a very strange way I am sorta glad that I didn’t graduate from College back in 1998, when I should have according to the “4 year plan” that is beat into our heads by college entrance officers. I wouldn’t be exposed to blogging , podcasting, Web 2.0 applications or any of these developments that have all taken off since 2004, when I began slowly crawling back into academia.

My major is also in something that didn’t exist in the 90s: New Media. Its a journalism degree that focuses on how the web and traditional journalistic approaches to, um, journalism, can work in unison and provide information and news that people want to see/hear on their terms. No more force-feeding of news breaks throughout the day or being chained to the evening news at 6 and 11; you can now be informed when you want it, about any subject you choose, and with as much in depth information as you can handle. It is pretty exciting to be a part of that and to think that I will be providing that service to people, someday.

I’m a fairly accomplished web guy (I’ve been hosting a tech radio show since 1998), and a big collection of my writings, audio and podcasts are all at www.gpfault.org. I also know my way around an audio program/radio station pretty well (12 years of experience in college, non-commercial, and community radio with a smattering of commercial here and there) so I can create some fairly compelling audio. I just need to combine that with knowledge of images and video, and I think I am set! I’ll be posting more soon, I am certain!



  1. You’re not the only person working at your own pace in a serious way. It doesn’t look as if you will need any extra time though!

  2. I wanted to add that I think you are in one of the top 2-3 fields that exist right now. Despite all the turmoil and heartache that comes with media transformation, I can’t imagine a more exciting time for this whole area, including the Gutenberg revolution (just because it was so much slower).

    I highly recommend the Clay Shirky title “Here Comes Everyone” for you in particular!

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