Answering The Questions

April 27, 2008

1) Before you started this class, had you heard of the term Web 2.0? Did you have any idea what it was?

I had definitely heard of the term Web 2.0 and I was pretty sure it was referring to all of the new whiz bang software that was allowing the lowly net surfer to no longer simply consume what is offered online, but with a minimal amount of time investment, allow them to start contributing to the information that is available in the Net ether.

2) Imagine you are telling someone about Web 2.0 who uses the Web but knows nothing about the term. What would you tell them?

I would start off by asking them if they had a favorite subject/topic/hobby (and just about everybody does). Then I would say that you could have information from an event on that specific topic/subject/hobby sent to your cell phone or email the moment someone posts anything that you feel is noteworthy, based on certain triggers that you set. Instant information, updated, well, instantly, and sent through a filter of your own design that leaves you with nothing but wheat and very very little chaff.

3) Do you participate in any sites that you think are part of Web 2.0? If so, what are they?

I guess you could say I do because I have a MySpace account and a blog. The MySpace account… not so much. That’s more of an ‘appease my girlfriend’ situation. On my blog however I actively seek out new content and have constantly updated headlines from major technology and game news sites running down the side. Constant information, constantly updated.


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