Teddy Ruxpin… Version 2.0

December 3, 2007

Teddy RuxpinSome of the whiz kids at MIT who had a fondness for that animatronic doll that we lovingly took into our homes in the 80’s, have created a new bear that not only is cute, cuddly and a companion for life, but can also alert medical staff to changes in an individual’s illness. Kinda like Dr. Huggable, Robotic Medicine Bear.

In the past I have talked about all kinds of robots ranging from ones that can navigate from point-to-point with no outside help to slug-eating robots that find battery fuel in the consumption of that sweet, slimy flesh. But now the robots are going for our children. OUR CHILDREN! The article from the BBC even mentions that ‘Huggable’ (its name) will possibly be able to not only recognize its owner, but respond to cuddles and will be able to tell if its owner is in distress. What happens when the bear turns evil? Will the bear report that all things are normal as it chases you around the room with a cleaver?



  1. This is very creepy. The ideas people come up with these days. When I think of a bear I think of cuddling. When I read this blog and watch the video I think of demon possession. Are we in the need of an exorcism?

    Anyways, the idea is really neat. I’m sure it will be popular and I suppose the person who invented it will be a millionare.

  2. I used to have a Teddy Ruxpin!! He was way cooler and less creepy than this one though. The idea of my kid hugging a doll that can hug them back and has the ability tell me how they are feeling just freaks me out. Some things just shouldn’t be messed with. Robots are creepy.

  3. What happened to kids playing with other kids? I would rather have my child playing with kids who can talk without the need of batteries. Besides, if I wanted to know how my kid was feeling, I wouldn’t trust a toy, I’d go to the hospital. This bear is just plain creepy.

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