Windows Vista Part II: Electric Boogaloo

October 29, 2007

Aero Flip 3dOur previous post explained what Vista is and how people are responding to the program. Now it’s time to look directly at the features that make, and break, Microsoft’s newest OS.

Just what is so great about Vista? Well, there are a few things that really separate it from Microsoft’s previous operating system, Windows XP:

  • Included Programs/Features:
    • CD & DVD Burning
    • Basic Picture Editing & Slide Show Tools
    • Enhanced Movie Editing
    • Windows Contacts –address book revamped
    • Windows Mail – outlook express revamped
    • DirectX 10 Support
    • Games Explorer
  • Improved Back-Up Option
    • Uses Zip files for backup and recovery

Well then, what’s so bad about Vista compared to XP? Again there are a few different things that separate it from its older computing cousin:

  • System requirements are much, MUCH higher
  • Requires new drivers for hardware: printers, scanners, video cards, etc.
    • If no Vista drivers, then you have to buy something Vista compatible
  • Performance is sluggish overall compared to XP
  • Does not network well with older versions of Windows
  • Does not support some Microsoft created technologies (Zune Player)
  • Does not support some older programs that previously worked in XP
  • Has issues with some new programs: Incredimail, Roxio CD Creator, etc.

Am I missing anything here from either side? Go ahead and let me know with a comment while I finish up the final installment in, Windows Vista Part III: Upgrade, Install or Ignore.



  1. Did I mention the tabs? Did you? Love those tabs.

  2. Windows Vista phobia I find to be nothing new. Back when society was still running windows 98se there was the same panic and complaints about windows xp. I myself was among them and I think rightfully so at first. Like vista, XP had support issues, sluggish performance and annoying quirks. It wasn’t until service pack 1 came out (and eventually service pack 2, when they finally got it working) that XP looked appealing.
    I say if you don’t need a new computer now, don’t buy one. XP is dependable and pretty darn compatible with most networks/business’/schools. But don’t give up on Vista, I’m sure Microsoft has learned from some of XP’s mistake and it’s only a short matter of time until the industry catches up with drivers and supporting software.

    Also readyboost seems like an interesting idea, I’m curious to see how it pans out.


  3. So far I hate vista, but I have hated everything since windows 98se.

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