They Call Me The Web Wizard

September 27, 2007

Web WizardWell, not really. However, I am definitely picking up some slick little shortcuts in regards to locating and reading information online. I honestly had not considered a news aggregator as a way to collect useful information. I’m pretty sure I was thinking of the old way that news groups used to work and how finding anything in a Usenet archive was like pulling hair out of a college dorm’s bathroom: tedious, pointless and sometimes downright disgusting.

Google Reader, which is what I am using, has already proved itself useful as far as giving me the greatest bits of tech in a quick fashion. Today it even saved my bacon in class when I forgot to look up two news stories on Windows Vista. All I had to do was type ‘Windows Vista’ as my search term. It combed through all of the blogs, RSS feeds and web pages and presented me with two fantastic articles that already had a nice summary that I presented to the class. I was the hero of the day… no, I was the Web Wizard of the day.

Speaking of wizards, I was wandering around YouTube and found this bit of web wizardry in regards to Second Life:

Well! Isn’t that message just a bit haughty? Here is the flipside of that online coin, as seen by the folks at comedy website SomethingAwful.com:

Hmm. Apparently Google Video will not embed. Don’t worry, links still work.

Something Awful Recreates 300 In Second Life



  1. I gotta be honest, I have no idea why second life still exists. Its ugly, infested with advertisements, and has no point. Unless providing a community for furries is the point.

  2. You would be all over Second Life if it had decent graphics and a way to waste hour upon hour of your life grinding for ‘epic gear’ like World Of Warcraft… or if it had some kind of anthropomorphic fox you could walk around as.

  3. Well second life has spaceships and dragons and ninjas and zombies…which is really all I need. That being said its still dumb and I hope it goes away soon.

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