UK Press

September 24, 2007

Union JackWhen I visited Europe and the UK for a month a few years back I fell in love with their magazines. They were all (relatively) inexpensive, often had free DVD movies, were larger than U.S. magazines but with smaller print and therefore longer articles

They most recently had a great four-page spread discussing the rise of blogs and their subsequent affect on not only the gaming press, but journalism as a whole. I spent the better part of three hours trying to find this somewhere, ANYWHERE, online, but all to no avail.

A question I have is what are the legal ramifications of placing an article online in a blog from a magazine that does not seem to have it available anywhere online, that is in fact an article on blogging? Any thoughts?



  1. I think that you would be in danger of violating copyright if you published an entire article in your blog. However, with proper attribution, I wouldn’t hesitate to quote from it at length! – Lynne

  2. Hey Jeremy, what does lynne have on her head?

  3. It is either a sombrero or a cake… I am not sure.

  4. I would *never* wear a cake on my head. C’mon! olĂ©!

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