An Offer Too Good To Refuse

September 20, 2007

“An offer too good to refuse”I’m not one for making hit-and-run posts, but this one is just much too good to pass up. After a bit of aimless searching last night learning about the different flavors of Windows Vista and what each is capable of, I stumbled upon a link to OfficeMax which has an upgrade version of Windows Vista Ultimate (the bee’s knees in Operating Systems) for a low $140! When it normally goes for upwards of $280, i definitely take notice. NOTE: This deal is no longer active as of January, 2008.

Not to be outdone, if you are a student or are somehow student related, you can pick up a copy of Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007 (this is the kitchen sink version of everything the folks over at the Microsoft Office building have ever made), which is normally about $680, for the low price of… $60! That’s right, sixty dollars! All you need is a legitimate school ID and you are set. It’s available at the oh-so-aptly named Ultimate Steal address. NOTE: This deal is still active as of January, 2008.

So for about 200 dollars, you can have a new operating system and every single bit of school/office/productivity software that Microsoft makes. Not too bad!


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